Boost your store with Augmented Reality

WebAR is a complete Augmented Reality creation toolkit.

Manage Augmented Reality projects and host your 3D models in the cloud portal.

What is WebAR?

WebAR (or web-based augmented reality) is a digital technology that allows you to easily share Augmented Reality experiences right over the internet — no app required. With WebAR it is possible that the customer can see your products at scale through their camera.

Manage your models in your personal cloud

With a WebAR premium account you have access to your personal WebAR portal. This means that you can add unlimited models, create web viewers and easily place them on your website.


You can place a model in 3 simple steps.

  1. Name your model
  2. Upload a sample image
  3. Upload your model


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WebAR for E-commerce

WebAR offers customers the opportunity to try products for themselves before purchasing the products. When people can try your product at home, you increase the chance of a sale and decrease the chance of a return.


Augmented Reality in E-commerce is the newest and immersive way for consumers to experience your products in an app-less Augmented Reality direct from your existing website.

Easily place Augmented Reality models on your website!

Generate your 3D Viewer from the WebAR portal. Choose a background color, copy the shortcode, paste it into your website and you’re done!

Show models in full screen

Various international studies have shown that the sales of companies which have integrated Augmented Reality can be increased up to 30% compared to other companies.

The American Fathead has seen the number of returns drop by 50% since the implementation of Augmented Reality.